Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Energy efficiency should always be a primary consideration when purchasing any new air conditioning system. High efficiency air conditioners will use less energy and cost less to operate; they may seem more expensive initially, but will actually be cheaper in the long run. These are real savings that you can see every month. For room air conditioners, you should look for the ENERGY STAR label. Air conditioners that are ENERGY STAR approved are usually 20-30% less energy than required by U.S. federal standards.

How to compare efficiencies? Room air conditioners should have a label stating the unit’s efficiency. These yellow EnergyGuide labels clearly display the unit’s EER (energy efficiency rating); a higher number means a more efficient unit. An EER of 9.0 or higher is considered to be very efficient. To put the rating into context, below the EER is a range for similar sized air conditioners. Perhaps more importantly, the EnergyGuide also provides estimated yearly running costs.
What about central air conditioning? Central air systems are rated using a different, but similar system known as SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Like EER, higher SEER numbers mean higher efficiency. Obviously, a unit with a SEER of 8 is going to be more efficient than one with a SEER of 6. The real question is how much more efficient? Assuming they both have similar cooling capacities, the formula is quite simple.
Take the difference in SEER rating, and divide this by the larger SEER. Let’s say System A has a SEER of 6, and System B has a SEER of 8. Subtracting 6 from 8 gives us 2, which we then divide by 8, like so:
8 - 6 = 2/8 = .25
In this example, System B is 25% more efficient than System A.
System B may cost a bit more than System A (hypothetically of course), but that 25% difference in efficiency is something you’ll notice every month. Five Borough AC can help you choose the right system. good efficiency and comfort, all within your budget. Call us today at 1-877-222-5531 and schedule an appointment.

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